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To produce web sites there is an orderly procedure which involves…



Here you will find a brief description of each important step involved with the creation of a personal or business web site.















:: Initial Consultation


:: Site Design/Navigation


:: Proposal/Estimates


:: Web Page Drafts


:: Contract for Work


:: Databases/Dynamic Applications


:: Content Gathering


:: Actual Page Coding


:: Domain Name Selection


:: Hosting Service Selection




:: Site Testing and Launch





Initial Consultation
The consultation normally takes place at your business location or over the telephone whichever you choose, and may take approximately an hour. At this time a RT Multimedia representative will obtain an understanding of your primary goals/plans to determine the type of web site you are considering in order to know what the cost and time involved for the project will be. Take a minute to look at the helpful information related to your Goals/Plans/Site Style.  We will answer any questions you may have and if you choose to go to the next step RT Multimedia will provide you with a detailed proposal/estimate. This consultation is completely free and without obligation.

After the initial consultation and your decision to use RT Multimedia Services, we will require a little more of your time to share/gather enough information to determine the specifications for your site.  We can do this via e-mail or the telephone. Once we have received enough information from discussions a detailed written proposal/estimate will be submitted for your review and signature approval via Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document file).  RT Multimedia charges by the hour for this phase based on the complexity of your web site. Now if you approve/sign and return the proposal/estimate for the project to RT Multimedia we immediately prepare a contract for work. Any fees paid during this phase will be absorbed in the total estimate for the project, and applied to the first invoice.

Contract For Work
RT Multimedia prepares a standard industry type contract, which includes a detailed description of the planned web site and the cost estimate for work to be completed.   Upon signing the contract 1/3 of the total estimated cost (less fees already paid for the proposal/estimate) will be due.  See Fee Guideline & Pricing.

Domain Name Selection
RT Multimedia will ask that you select your domain name (web site URL) and register it with your chosen domain service. You will supply your domain name and URL to RT Multimedia for pointing to your new web site.  See Fee Guidelines & Pricing.

Content Gathering & Preparation
RT Multimedia will help you to pull together the text, graphics, photos etc. you will want for the site. As part of that content you will need to provide ideas for a custom template to be designed based upon your plans/goals/site style, or view samples from existing RT Multimedia templates available. You need to understand a web site project does require input for the content on your part.  See Goals/Plans/Site Style and the Fee Guidelines & Pricing.

Site Design, Navigation, Databases
While you are gathering/preparing your web site content RT Multimedia will finalize detailed plans for the site structure (arrangement of information and site navigation).  Including any database content driven by a dynamic applications.

Web Page Drafts
The sites Main/Home/Entry Page is designed first based upon the template created or chosen from available stock, content you submitted, or your preferences, and requirements. The draft is submitted to you for review and feedback. RT Multimedia uses Adobe Acrobat software to create a PDF (portable document file), which you can attach notes/comments to and return after your approval. RT Multimedia provides a link to the Adobe web site for you to down load the Adobe Acrobat Reader software so you can open, read, and attach your comments. If you approve this draft and there are no further changes needed RT Multimedia will provide a final draft for your approval. This procedure is used for any and all page designs required for your web site. When the web site reaches the halfway to completion point RT Multimedia will invoice you for the second 1/3 payment.  A list of work completed will be provided with the invoice.

Databases & Dynamic Application Coding/Testing
RT Multimedia will create and populate (input your data) any databases you may need on your web site including coding and testing for all dynamic pages. See Fee Guidelines & Pricing.

Actual Page Coding
Once the page layouts and design are approved they become templates for the web site. RT Multimedia then plugs in text/graphic content and adjusts them for just the right visual layout. Where applicable dynamic coding for databases is added to page templates.

Web Host Service Selection, Site Testing, and Launch
RT Multimedia thoroughly tests the web site on your choice of hosting services actual server using the most common browsers (Netscape & MS Internet Explorer) to correct any resolution settings or visual errors remaining.   Before choosing your Web Hosting Service please visit WebHostAnalyst.com for all the information you could possibly need to make an knowledgeable choice and read an authoritative reporting on the Red Flags you should be aware of before choosing the service. The domain URL is pointed to your new web site and it is considered on the worldwide web.  RT Multimedia will submit the site to 5-6 free major search engines.

RT Multimedia has completed the project and the final balance payment is due.   Note that if your site is data driven and includes an administration module where you insert/upload your own content, you must complete this work before the site can go live on the worldwide web.

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