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Offering the highest quality photo restoration and/or enhancement...



Be it from an original photograph, a print, 35 mm negative, or slide. We use only state of the art software & hardware and have highly skilled and trained staff to deliver amazing results. We can take that old damaged or worn out photo from your wallet, storage trunk, box from the closet, or attic or where ever and turn them into gallery quality pieces.





Restoration/Problem Correction


Colorize AFTER example 110x15202


Enhancement Options




Each job is as individual as your photo and receives particular attention to detail. These options can be done for original Photographs, Polaroids taken, and Prints or from scanned 35 mm Negatives, or Slides...Learn More



We can add text annotation, Digital Framing, Colorize/Retouch old black/white or sepia toned photos, and if you would like special effects and artistic renderings of your photos...Learn More






















































Graphic for Media Digital Conversion


Media Digital Conversion




Digital Albums/Scrapbooks




Converting your collection of photos, film, slides, and instant camera photos (Polaroids) to digital format is the one sure way to save precious memories for a much greater period of time with no fear of loosing the “just taken” quality...Learn More



Store or share your photos in a variety of media, in a Digital Album/Scrapbook on CD, in a Web Album for on-line viewing, as individual files, or via email...Learn More






















































Think of RT Multimedia Services the next time you open that old family album and see fading or yellowing photos or discover photos thought to have been lost. Restored photos are excellent additions for Corporate Museums, gifts for Graduating Classes, Family Reunions, Wedding Anniversaries, Christmas, and Birthday gifts. We offer 100% guarantee on all restoration services. Restoring and enhancing photos is one of the most satisfying services we offer!









A Special Note


Due to the varied nature and condition of files and needs, time spent on retouching, restoration, or manipulation should be discussed. Flexibility to stay within your budget can be determined upon actual inspection of the image. Do not hesitate to inquire about available options. Sumbit a request for a FREE consultation!
















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