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There will never be a better time than now to save your collection of photos, film, slides, and instant camera photos (Polaroids). Converting to digital format is the one sure way to save precious memories for a much greator period of time with no fear of loosing that “just taken” quality of a new photograph.























RT Multimedia Services offers comprehensive 35mm slide scanning services, film scanning services, print scanning services, photo restoration services and photo archival products. You send us your slides, film or prints, we send them back to you along with a CD or DVD containing high resolution scans of your photos.  Once on disk, your photos can be shared, enjoyed and preserved for generations to come.

Why Digitize?
There are many benefits to having your photo collection in digital format. If you look around it seems like everything is going "Digital",  movies, music, cell phones, even cable and satellite television. Here are some of the benefits with having your photos stored in digital format:

Once in digital format your photos will never fade, discolor, crack, age, or get fingerprints on them. You will always have a "negative" as long as you have your disk. You can get new prints made from your CD or DVD. Your photos will be organized, no more digging through boxes of hard to find photos. You can share them with friends and family through email. You can use the included software to view, print, copy, and email them right from your computer.

Fireproof your photos by ordering a second copy for storage in a safe place or to give to the rest of the family. How valuable are your memories? It's a small price to pay for such a precious thing.

We recommend you order a second copy of your disk for storage in a safe place. Your disk will easily fit in your safety deposit box essentially fireproofing your pictures. Best of all you never have to worry about your precious memories again. Order a photo archive CD or DVD today

What RT will do:

  • We convert your prints, 35mm negatives, 35mm slides to digital at resolutions up to 18 mega pixels!  We always deliver your digital photos hand cropped, rotated and color corrected so they are slide show ready. 
  • Your disk will contain high resolution digital copies of your photos suitable for reprints and enlargements.
  • Get your photos organized while protecting them from fading, discoloring, and aging by archiving them digitally to CD or DVD.
  • Once you have your disk it can be used for reprints at your local photo processing center. You can view your pictures on your computer using the included software or email them to friends. You can even use your computer to set up a slide show of your pictures with the included software.

We have Three ways to deliver your scanned/archived photos:

  • Photo Archive CD - is the disc of choice for museums, libraries, professional photographers, stock agencies and corporate image collections. The ARCHIVE CD combines the best features of the well established Kodak Photo CD with the higher quality of modern scanning systems. or
  • Photo Album & Scrapbook CD - These discs have many of the same features as the Archive CD. But with PHOTO Album or Scrapbook CD you get industry standard file quality compression JPEG format which equates to high quality scans in terms of sharpness, color quality, and dynamic range. As well as they are saved in an executable file for easy viewing utilizing either Internet Explorer or Netscape browsing programs. You can have audio (music) added to these CD’s.
  • Photo Album DVD - Use your DVD player to view your pictures. Transfer your 35mm slides, negatives, prints, or digital pictures to DVD. More than 500 photos can be stored on one disk. Watch them on your TV complete with interactive menu's and audio (music) of your choice if you choose. DVD Photo Slide Shows make great gifts. They can add an innovative touch to any special occasion.

Check out the details of each type since the data is compiled and delivered differently.

With every CD there is included a Photo Index Booklet of Disc contents
Imagine your boxes of photos clearly indexed in just one book. You will receive a printed set of contact sheets with your order that will show you all of the images on your disc or discs along with their file names and disc number. The contact sheets make it easy to find exactly the images you are seeking. It's professionally laser printed and looks great! You won't be able to wait to show it off to your friends and family.

  • The images are clean, crisp, smudge proof, and much better than any ink jet print.
  • Simply look through the book, find the images you want then put the appropriate disc in your computer and copy the files you need. It's much easier than trying to find a file on a disc by opening each file. Its also a fun way to look through your images any time you like.
  • Imagine your entire collection of family photos in one or more books. Easy to look at, easy to share, easy to enjoy!

Film/File Size Reference table for Originals Scanned to CD
35mm color and B&W Available from rolls, strips or mounted slides





18mb – 20mb

32-36 TIFF or 100+ JPEG/JPG



32-36 TIFF or 100+ JPEG/JPG

  • FILE TYPES saved on the Photo ARCHIVE CD includes two different file sizes for each image scanned. One file is the full size listed in the above table. The other file is generally smaller. We can offer you the following file types for either or both of the files: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG.
  • File sizes for the CD/DVD’s are approximate and vary with aspect ratio of original material being scanned. These sizes are for the uncompressed TIFF files. JPEG files are created at highest quality compression level and will be approximately 20mb when decompressed.

Media Digital Conversion Pricing Table

If you have special needs please contact us. We can output to most any file format.

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