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Do you need to present or store your Media?







There will never be a better time than now to save and organize your collection of documents, photos, film, slides, and instant camera photos (Polaroids). Converting to digital format is the one sure way to save memories for a much greater period of time with no fear of loosing the “just taken” quality of a new photograph.











First you may say “What are the benefits of Digitizing my documents or Photographs/Film?”
The benefits are different so next you need to select which area you are interested with learning more about:

RT Multimedia Services utilizes only state of the art software & hardware implemented by highly trained staff to deliver the results you are seeking.

We offer 100% guarantee on our scanning and archiving services.

Logo WinZipWe provide five delivery choices for our Media Digital Conversion Service:

Check out the details of each CD type since the data is compiled and delivered differently.

So let us help you create, get organized to store, distribute, or present your media!

For all services RT Multimedia will:

  • Ensure Company or Product Presentations and Slide Shows archived are delivered on CD/DVD in a variety of available executable file formats which can be successfully launched and used for your purposes. These same programs are used for viewing the presentations and slideshows on a web site.
  • When provided photos, 35 mm Slides, Photos from Negative or Positive Film they will be scanned as a single high resolution GIF, JPEG, TIFF, EPS file which can be used for your printing service, printing from your own color printer, E-mail, or for your web site. We choose these file formats because they are the most accurately compressed files for fast loading, opening in an E-mail message, viewing/manipulation on your computer, or web site.
  • Web sites are archived in their HTML format which includes all associated assets.
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