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Fonts! Fonts! Fonts!


There are many take your time before deciding...





and take a minute to understand about types of fonts used today in the world of business and how many times the use of a certain font can generate a certain image of your business. 















A quick note



Related Resource Information



We have used different text sizes on the following pages to illustrate the subtitles of each font.  Those fonts in smaller text size do not have any remarkable characteristics to bring to your attention for making a choice.



:: Fonts their use and perceived meanings





:: Deciding on a Symbol or Icon





:: Choosing Color and Schemes

























Fonts Page 1



Fonts Page 2



Academy Engraved LET > Gill Sans MT Ext Condensed Bold



Gill Sans Ultra Bold > Swis721 BlkEx BT




















Fonts Page 3






Swis721 Blk Oul BT > Zurich XBlk BT
























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