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Setting Goals/Plans/Site Type
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This is the most important phase of beginning a web site project…



You need to take time to thoroughly analyze what you want to do with your web site.










Enabling you to make the appropriate choices for your template and the associated assets (buttons, banner, navigation style, e-commerce solutions such as for payment of product/services if needed, or for information gathering of any type such as database solutions etc.).  As well as the text you will want to include.  It will be different for each choice. Consider the following and begin planning your content. Then share this information with RT Multimedia.

What will your site be used for?

  • Personal or Family use
  • A Public or Private Institution
  • A small Business of any Type
  • A Corporation or Remote site of a major corporation

What theme you choose should be appropriate depending on how you plan to use the web site.  The theme will affect the site structure. There are so many, but I have listed a small representation here as examples.

  • Technological
  • Art
  • Sports
  • Hobby Oriented
  • Holiday
  • Religion
  • Geographical - Countries/Regional/State/County/City/Town
  • Product Oriented
  • Service Oriented

Any questions you may still have related to the planning, goals, or style for your site contact us directly via a Consultation Request, E-mail, or telephone.

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