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.A brochure provides great opportunities for an outstanding first impression…







Having a unique and innovative design can keep your brochure at the fingertips of your audience















Brochure Specifics



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:: Brochure Planning Fundamentals



:: Font Selection 



:: Brochure Paper Stock 



:: Paper Folds & Definitions



:: Layout Decisions 



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Brochure Specifics
A Product Brochure or Pamphlet normally is an 8-1/2 by 11 inch 1 page 2-sided document with 1-3 column layout for text/graphics to be incorporated and can be a tri or half folded sheet. There are instances where a product brochure can be up to a 5+ page 2-sided document. Note a 1 page 1-sided product document is considered a “Product Sparkle Sheet or Product Flyer. Beyond 5-10 pages it is actually considered a catalog which applies for many uses. Above and in the sub-title area are a couple of thumbnail examples we created in colorful eye catching designs. We also have provided fonts.

Standard stock for Brochures is a high quality, bright white 24 lb. paper. We recommend a selection of specialty stocks which can be used to coordinate business cards, Letterhead and other business collateral. These come in a variety of colors and finishes. These textured specialty stocks can give your document a much more exclusive look and feel. Please indicate if you perfer specialty paper(s) for your brochure design during your Free Consultation.

First Considerations - For more in-depth information regarding these types take a minute to read “Brochure Planning Fundamentals”. This document is filled with basic information to assist you with writing your brochure content...or RT Multimedia Services can help you with this process. It’s your choice.

  • What is your budget for the project? RT Multimedia Services wants to make sure that your design choice will work within your budget.
  • Determine Your Brochure Type - More Details
  • Know Your Brochure's Function in the Buying Process - More Details
  • Is the Brochure a “Stand Alone”? - More Details
  • Know Your Audience - More Details
  • Organize Your Selling Points - More Details
  • Include Complete, Accurate and Thorough Information - More Details
  • Do you have existing brochure design examples that you like?

Understanding your responsibilities for the project, like signing off on proofs, proofreading, responding in a timely fashion.

Examples represented on this page of brochures we have designed:Graphic Tri-Fold Brochure Design
The example of a Tri-Fold Handout brochure in the header of this page was designed for an animal rescue organization and they wanted something with lots of color and playful to represent the fun and enjoyment of having an adopted pet.

The example here is of a Tri-Fold Mailer for a research organization they wished to use for mailing when sales leads were obtained from their web site visitors and phone inquiries.

Our pricing is competitive and affordable to give your company the look you want to stand out above the rest of your competition!

  • 1 or 2 concepts will be offered to your company.
  • The document graphics will be in one of the several  industry accepted formats EPS, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF (your choice) and using CYMK color system. Which ever your printing service/system requires.
  • We can create the file utilizing one of our several well known software programs Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, or Adobe PDF if requested. We also have several other programs available, please request a consultation to discuss these options.
  • The design will be print ready to use with your personal, home office, small business, or corporate printing service/equipment.
  • If you choose we can take your document(s) and create CD’s to distribute. 
  • Additionally we can create an on-line interactive version for your web site.
  • Or a file for distribution via e-mail that will be small in size and hassle free for the end customer to view.

Design Pricing Table:


Item Description


Number of Colors
in Design

Design Fee
US Dollar


1 page 1-sided (*)

Full Sheet, Tri or Half Fold




1 page 2-sided (*)

Full Sheet, Tri or Half Fold

1 or 2



2 page 2-sided (*)

Full Sheet or Half Fold

1 or 2



4 page 2-sided (*)

Full Sheet Only

1 or 2



4 page 2-sided (*)

Full Sheet Only

3 to 4



Multiple page booklets

Full Sheet or Half Fold

1-5 or More

Request a Quote







(*) For more than the stated number of colors in a design please request a Consultation to discuss your project requirements. After the consultation a Quote will be submitted for your review and approval. Final pricing is affected by the number of colors to be incorporated into your design.





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